Yard Meter Service Information

  1. A “yard meter” is defined as water service (not sewered) to a customer through normal procedures, whereby the city water main is tapped and service is carried to customers property with appropriate sized meter.


  1. Water service (not sewered) when a tap is made on city service line which serves customers standard meter. A new yard meter will be set permitting customer to use for lawn irrigation, garden watering etc.

Such usage in either 1 or 2 must not enter the public sewer system.

This type yard meter connection must be pre-determined to be acceptable in flow and capacity to meet the customers usage requirement.
Any yard meter which is later attached to plumbing whereby water enters the sewer system will be charged regular sewer use fees and Capital Contribution in accordance to standard water tap fees.

Tap Fee: $500.00

  1. Standard yard meter according to desired water tap size less capital contribution. Customer must have at least one existing water service. If no existing water service, then customer must pay the capital contribution.
  2. Modified yard meter, tapping city service line which presently serves customers existing water service.