New Service Information

New service will be provided after the applicant completes the application and pays all applicable charges, during regular business hours with next day service guaranteed. New service may be provided during weekends and holidays provided the applicant pays all applicable charges in cash to the “on-call” person. Applicant must complete the application by close of business the 1st business day thereafter or service will be terminated on the 2nd business day. An additional reconnection charge of $40.00 will be charged if service is terminated prior to completion of application.

Deposit For Service

A $100.00 deposit shall be placed with the department on ALL residential requests for service. No deposit shall be required on City, County or State of Tennessee requests.

Business service will require a deposit of $200.00 or an amount equal to 2 months estimated usage, whichever is greater.

All deposits will be placed into a separate account and interest (not to exceed 5%) credited to the customers account once annually. The deposit will be held till termination at which time uncollected charges will be applied to customer’s account with balance (if any) refunded to the customer.

Requesting New Service

To request installation of new water service for your residence you must come into the Lewisburg Water & Wastewater office to complete an application prior to installation. You may also download and print your application below, complete, and bring into the office with cash or check only.

Download Application For Service

New service may be installed prior to the applicant completing the application provided the following circumstances exist:

  • The office will not reopen for normal business hours within the next 24 hours.
  • The applicant pays a deposit, service charge, and after hours charge in full in cash. (Deposit will be returned upon completion of application provided all delinquent charges are paid in full and the applicant can provide proof of ownership.)
  • Applicant is required to complete the application during the next business day. (Failure to complete the application during the next business day will result in disconnection and additional charges.)

A $40.00 service charge will be assessed on each meter installation (new service, transfer, or reinstallation).

In order to effectively schedule work forces and provide better service to all our customers normal installation of water meters (new service, transfer, or reinstallation) will be scheduled the next business day after application for service.

Same Day Service (Guaranteed)

Service will be provided during the working hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

After Hours Service

Installation of water service will be provided after 3:30 p.m. for an additional charge of $40.00.

Obtaining Utility Service By Fraud Is Unlawful

It is unlawful to obtain or attempt to obtain by use of any fraudulent scheme, device, means or method, electric, sanitary sewer, water, or gas service, with intent to avoid payment of the lawful price, charge or toll therefore, or for any person to cause another to avoid such payment for such service, or for any person to assist another in avoiding payment for electric, sanitary sewer, water, or gas service, either through the making of multiple applications for service at one (1) address, or otherwise. TCA 65-35-102 (3)

Also any person violating the provisions of TCA 65-35-102 is liable civilly for damages resulting from such violation, including actual, compensatory, incidental and punitive damages. The damages shall be three (3) times the utility’s estimates loss of revenue, plus reasonable attorney’s fees and costs associated with such loss. TCA 65-35-104 (a)(b)